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TATV - Newsround October 1st

Posted 1 October 2021 · Add Comment

Sustainability is very much on everyone’s lips right now and the aerospace industry is clearly stepping up its actions. Nowhere more so than at Airbus.

Mark Pilling goes to Toulouse and reports from the Airbus Summit where the green conversation centred on how does Airbus reprogramme its manufacturing muscle memory from making airliners that burn Jet A-1 fuel to making aircraft powered, most probably by liquid hydrogen.

In this programme that brings all the news headlines from across Arabia, Africa and South Asia, senior correspondent Kaleyesus Bekele reports from Ethiopia on how IATA while praising Ethiopian Airlines on its Covid performance, is challenging the Ethiopian government on steps it argues is delaying recovery.

Alan Peaford talks to Rob DiCastri the CEO of Royal Jet on the Abu Dhabi prestige private airline’s decision to add a base in the neighbouring emirate of Dubai.

MRO editor Chuck Grieve has news of an independent MRO succeeding in parts of Africa where others have failed to tread.

And Marcelle Nethersole holds it all together and gives a run-down of the top stories from across the region.

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