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OAG launches new analysis tool to assist route planners

Posted 7 October 2013 · Add Comment

OAG, is at World Routes in Las Vegas, and today launched OAG Traffic Analyser, which it describes as a powerful online analysis tool that provides access to scheduled airline passenger booking data.

OAG Traffic Analyser has been developed in partnership with distribution services and e-commerce provider, Travelport. The product utilises passenger booking information from Travelport Illuminate, allowing users to gain detailed insight into areas such as the number of passengers originating and arriving at a particular airport, load factors on each flight, the size of passenger Origin and Destination markets and booked seats on specific routes.
All data can be presented in a report format or through an integrated mapping function, which allows users to create dynamic visualisations of traffic flows. The new product is aimed at airports, tourist boards and financial institutions.
For airport route development teams, OAG Traffic Analyser provides a means of calculating the size of the passenger market between airports, countries and regions; developing comparative analyses against competing airports; forecasting passenger traffic for existing or potential services; and monitoring the revenue performance and profitability of routes. The product also allows airports’ commercial teams to understand the true traffic composition of their airport, including the total number of passengers who are originating, arriving and transferring.

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