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Go Comoros Titan is a write-off after fire

Posted 19 July 2019 · Add Comment

Fledgling Indian Ocean airline Go Comoros has suffered the loss it its Cessna 404 Titan following a crash as it departed from Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport on Moroni.

The aircraft was on a flight to the Comoros island of Moheli.
There were 11 people on board the Cessna, registration D6-FAT,when it took off. Eye witnesses said there was a fire by the landing gear and the aircraft inverted close to the airport.
The pilot was said to be trapped in the cockpit but was rescued by fire crews. Two of people were taken to hospital with injuries but none were reported to be serious.
The aircraft is believed to be a total write-off.

The crashed Go Comoros airraft (Picture (c) Idjabou Bakari via Twitter)


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