Ethiopia raises its hand for liberalisation

Posted 17 January 2020

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority is tasked with ensuring the development of a safe, reliable and modern air transport sector – but now new moves are also afoot in the country, as Kaleyesus Bekele found out when he spoke to ECAA director general, Colonel Wossenyeleh Hunegnaw.

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AJW's star part in Africa

Posted 15 January 2020

AJW Group chief executive, Christopher Whiteside, talks to Chuck Grieve about adding value to the business of supplying parts and spares through relationships, efficiencies and planning.

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Membership on the up in east Africa’s rotary club

Posted 8 January 2020

East Africa has been witnessing significant growth in its helicopter industry. Githae Mwaniki takes a look at the sector.

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From A-Z, the secrets of Tunisia's rapid rise in aerospace

Posted 23 December 2019

Over the past decade Tunisia has continued to build a solid, recognised and sustainable aeronautical industry and the leaders of the Tunisian Aeronautics and Space Industries Group – GITAS – have been explaining some of what’s

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It's good to talk in Portuguese

Posted 20 December 2019

In just 10 years, Davenport Aviation has developed into a global supplier of aircraft parts, supplies, and equipment. It has a special interest in Africa because, as Chuck Grieve finds out, that’s where it all started.

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The drone rangers

Posted 16 December 2019

The booming use of unmanned aerial vehicles has now spread to security, with one South African company using the devices to protect residential estates. Alan Dron reports.

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Zipping to the rescue

Posted 11 December 2019

Thousands of lives are being saved in west Africa thanks to Zipline, the world’s first commercial drone delivery service.

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How single can west African skies be?

Posted 9 December 2019

West Africa seems to be facing particular problems as it tries to come to grips with implementation of the single African air transport market (SAATM). Chukwu Emeke reports.

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International players behind Libya’s drone war

Posted 5 December 2019

Strikes are taking place every day in Libya’s deadly drone war. In the first conflict where unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are making up the bulk of the air operations, both sides have successfully attacked opposition aircraft. Alan Warnes

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Just the ticket for tourism - or is it?

Posted 4 December 2019

A new agreement among African states seeks to link the growth of air transport and tourism – but more has to be done to improve the continent’s aviation infrastructure. Alan Dron reports.

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It's crunch time for credit fraud

Posted 3 December 2019

African airlines, facing an increasing problem of fraud, are seeking new payment methods to try to cut down on their financial losses. Alan Dron reports.

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Adcom UAVs in service in Algeria

Posted 2 December 2019

Footage shown on Algerian national TV and posted by the Algerian Ministry of Defence on its official Facebook page has revealed that two Emirati-developed unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are now in service with the Algerian Air Force. Jon Lake reports.

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Angola's goal

Posted 27 November 2019

Fly Angola’s general manager, Belarnicio Muangala, tells Martin Rivers why the start-up airline is betting on one of Africa’s most restricted aviation markets.

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Making the Business of Freedom Sustainable

Posted 26 November 2019

By Alexandre de Juniac. It’s no secret that aviation has come in for a good deal of scrutiny and criticism over its environmental impacts. The flight shaming phenomenon and proposals for a Green New Deal that would reduce and even replace air

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Home run for MRO deals

Posted 26 November 2019

Recent contracts signed between African airlines and international maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers confirm there is movement toward keeping more of Africa’s maintenance spend at home. Chuck Grieve reports.

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Africa in the drone zone

Posted 25 November 2019

Countries in sub-Saharan Africa are now using an ever-increasing fleet of small and tactical unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), which will soon be augmented by Mauritania fielding its first medium altitude long endurance (MALE) platform. Erwan de Cherisey reports.

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Combat pilot Mfeka is a SAAF history-maker

Posted 21 November 2019

The South African Air Force (SAAF) now has its first black female combat pilot, writes Jon Lake.

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Swiss bank on the Hart of Africa

Posted 20 November 2019

Booming business across Africa and the resulting increase in high-net-worth individuals is supporting the need for business aviation, encouraging some of the world’s top luxury services providers to invest in the region. Dave Calderwood talked to one of

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Ethiopian plots flightpath to 2035

Posted 19 November 2019

Ethiopian Airlines will shortly unveil a new strategic roadmap to serve the airline from 2020 to 2035. Kaleyesus Bekele talked to CEO, Tewolde GebreMariam, to find out more.

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Ethiopia to host Africa’s top summit

Posted 15 November 2019

Africa’s most prestigious aviation event heads to Ethiopia for the first time, as Michael de Klerk reports.

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Nigeria’s battle-ground

Posted 14 November 2019

A price war has broken out between Nigeria’s two main ground-handling organisations, leading some to fear that safety could be compromised. Chukwu Emeke reports.

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Aircraft boost for Madagascar

Posted 13 November 2019

The Madagascar Air Force received a boost in June with the arrival of a batch of new aircraft to bolster its small inventory. Erwan de Cherisey report.

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Rwandan academy ‘first’ for Akagera

Posted 12 November 2019

As Rwanda continues its remarkable development – particularly in the aviation arena –Akagera Aviation is proud to be playing its part. Marcelle Nethersole reports.

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How Team Congo can pull away from the turbulence

Posted 11 November 2019

Congo Airways boss, Desiré Balazire Bantu, explains to Martin Rivers and Romuald Ngueyap how political unrest at home has slowed the flag-carrier’s growth plans.

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South Africa goes Mega for engineer training

Posted 7 November 2019

South Africa’s Mega Aero Training Academy (MATA) is working with Swiss maintenance provider, SR Technics, to establish a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Part 147 programme that will cover type ratings, basic and specialised

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Kasama development targets tourists

Posted 6 November 2019

Kasama Airport in Zambia’s Northern Province is being upgraded as the country prepares to develop the northern tourism circuit. Humphrey Nkonde reports.

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NAF breaths new life into Albatros

Posted 5 November 2019

Nigeria’s continuing counter-insurgency campaign against Boko Haram is the driving force behind a further small increase in the capabilities of its air force. Alan Dron reports.

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Why Krimson is in the pink

Posted 4 November 2019

Ethiopian business aviation operator, Krimson Aviation, is growing fast. Dawit Lemma, CEO, tells Dave Calderwood how the company is coping.

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Adel's grand plan

Posted 1 November 2019

Ahmed Adel, EgyptAir’s new chairman and chief executive, tells Martin Rivers and Alan Peaford why he is looking forward to a renewed period of growth and prosperity for the nation’s flag-carrier.

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Desert dust’s open season on engines

Posted 16 September 2019

Maintenance trends in Africa map the prevailing weather conditions. During the Harmattan season, for example, MROs usually notice a spike in engine-related events.

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Benefits from pan-African outlook

Posted 12 September 2019

African aviation is prone to frequent change, according to AJW group sales director, Hafsah Abdulsalam.

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Algerians assemble new plant deal with Leonardo

Posted 11 September 2019

Africa is about to get a new helicopter assembly plant following a deal between Algeria and European manufacturer Leonardo. Alan Dron reports.

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Can Africa keep the wheels turning on its MRO potential?

Posted 10 September 2019

African aviation has a quandary: operators can’t afford to keep spending their maintenance budgets abroad, while establishing their own maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities is prohibitively expensive. But

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Terminal plugs new life into Tanzania

Posted 9 September 2019

Tanzania’s economic hub is due to get a boost as Dar-es-Salaam airport’s new terminal opens its doors for business. Alan Dron reports.

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Embraer targets the huge opportunity in Africa

Posted 5 September 2019

The Embraer Airline Business Seminar Africa 2019, held in Mauritius at the beginning of April, kept all its promises. The Brazilian manufacturer, which has recently partnered with Boeing, sees Africa as a market with a “huge potential”.

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Transformation building a head of steam

Posted 3 September 2019

Air Madagascar continues to implement its ‘Alefa 2027’ transformation plan that’s designed to revive this major airline player in the Indian Ocean and African regions.

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A cape of good hope for Icelandair

Posted 2 September 2019

Icelandair Group’s charter and leasing specialist, Loftleidir, has taken a majority shareholding in Cabo Verde Airlines. Alan Dron asks why the Nordic carrier is focusing on a tiny island group 5,000km south of its home?

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Airbus leads the way into African market

Posted 30 August 2019

The days have gone when African airlines were forced to struggle with aging aircraft. Kaleyesus Bekele has been finding out more from Airbus.

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DHL delivering vital medicines by drone

Posted 29 August 2019

Ukerewe District, an isolated island located on Lake Victoria in Tanzania, has been receiving regular deliveries of essential medicines by drone.

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Galaxy still out of this world

Posted 28 August 2019

The US Air Force’s Lockheed C-5 Galaxy remains a stalwart of airlift operations to and from Africa, supporting deployments and delivering humanitarian assistance.

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E2 wins the Peace prize…

Posted 27 August 2019

The newest Nigerian private carrier, Air Peace, is the largest airline in west Africa with 80% of market share. Now the biggest Embraer operator in the region will be the first to add an E2 to its fleet in Africa. Anuradha Deenapanray reports.

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AfDB banks on more regional integration

Posted 22 August 2019

For several years the African Development Bank (AfDB) has been supporting commercial aviation in Africa and the organisation’s chief aviation officer, Romain Ekoto, has been explaining about current projects and his vision for the future.

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Bole in pole position

Posted 20 August 2019

Ethiopia’s increasingly relaxed visa regime and the expansion of the country’s national airline have helped Addis Ababa become Africa’s biggest long-haul transit hub. Alan Dron reports.

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AS365N Dauphins for Djibouti

Posted 19 August 2019

As part of an ongoing expansion programme, Djibouti’s small air arm, the Force Aérienne du Djibouti (FAdD, Djibouti Air Force), has taken delivery of four newly refurbished AS365N Dauphins.

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New kid on the block is not kidding around

Posted 15 August 2019

Allan Kilavuka became CEO of Kenya Airways’ low-cost carrier (LCC), Jambojet, in January 2019, succeeding industry veteran Willem Hondius. Kilavuka talked to Victoria Moores about how it felt to fill those shoes, as a complete newcomer to

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Lufthansa Technik sets up shop in South Africa

Posted 14 August 2019

Lufthansa Technik has become the first foreign MRO provider to establish line maintenance operations in South Africa through a new contract with Comair – and it bodes well for the region. Chuck Grieve reports.

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The Major breakthrough for South African aviation

Posted 13 August 2019

Cindy Lou Dale turns the spotlight on a maverick pilot who – 90 years ago – revolutionised the airways over South Africa and effectively created the country’s most famous airline.

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It's good to talk why collaboration is the name of the game

Posted 12 August 2019

With significant growth forecast across the continent’s aviation sector, Chloe Wilson reports on how the industry is tackling challenges to safety and security in African airports.

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FAI celebrates and targets Africa

Posted 9 August 2019

As FAI marks its 30th anniversary it is looking to increase its business in Africa. Marcelle Nethersole reports.

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Twin giants square up for Herculean task

Posted 8 August 2019

With most African countries ignoring the more expensive C-130J Hercules, both the Leonardo C-27J and Airbus C295 are now battling it out for tactical airlift supremacy in Africa. Alan Warnes looks at the state of play and the status of the North

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Mahogany en route to a solid base

Posted 7 August 2019

After a false start in 2014, Mahogany Air is riding a wave of pro-aviation government policies in Zambia. Martin Rivers talked to the airline’s founder and chief executive, Jim Belemu.

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MEBAA's North Star

Posted 5 August 2019

The MEBAA Show Morocco is the only dedicated business aviation event in north Africa – and its growing popularity reflects market demand.

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Mercy missions flood cyclone-hit areas with relief

Posted 2 August 2019

More than 1,000 people were killed and property destroyed as two cyclones tore through southern and eastern Africa in March and April. Humphrey Nkonde reports.

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The way Lusaka will live next...

Posted 1 August 2019

As African cities recognise the value of extending in and around airports, Chloe Wilson takes a closer look at the plans behind Lusaka’s Airport City.

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How the Black Hawk can give commercial operators an edge

Posted 31 July 2019

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk family helicopters have been used in Africa for several decades, with military operators including Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. Commercial operators, however, were non-existent… with one

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The BBJ's Royal family

Posted 29 July 2019

Business jets have been a controversial subject across Africa as governments of developing nations recognise a need for top-level travel for their heads-of-state while, at the same time, fending off accusations of buying expensive white elephants. Now, as Alan

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Man with a mission to modernise

Posted 26 July 2019

When Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar was appointed as the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) chief of air staff in July 2015, only 50% of his aircraft were serviceable. In one of his first speeches, he said he wanted “effective and efficient capacity building” and training

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Ethiopian – managing the MAX crisis

Posted 25 July 2019

Kaleyesus Bekele meets Tewolde Gebremariam, the CEO coping with the aftermath of the Ethiopian airliner crash that killed 157 people.

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Why are the Cobras not striking?

Posted 20 June 2019

Issues are arising surrounding the Kenya Air Force (KAF) Bell AH-1F Cobra attack helicopters, writes Jon Lake.

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Mekonnen's law

Posted 19 June 2019

Tefera Mekonnen, the new secretary general of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC), officially took up office on January 7. He shares his vision with Kaleyesus Bekele.

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Equatorial Guinea continues air force expansion

Posted 18 June 2019

The air force branch of the Equatorial Guinea Guardia Nacional (National Guard) has continued its expansion, writes Jon Lake.

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Astral plane plugs the capacity gap

Posted 17 June 2019

Kenyan all-freight operator, Astral Aviation, is to add two Boeing 767-200Fs this year – marking its first examples of the type – and is separately evaluating Airbus A321 and 737-800 freighters as it seeks to address capacity gaps in its fleet. Victoria

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Cameroon gears up for counter-insurgency campaign.

Posted 14 June 2019

The Armée de l’Air du Cameroun (Cameroon Air Force) is undergoing a major re-equipment programme, although the US halted assistance in February 2019 amid reports of gross violations of human rights by Cameroon’s security

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Air Côte d’Ivoire looks to long-haul

Posted 13 June 2019

Air Côte d’Ivoire’s business plan for the next 10 years maintains the current strategy but with an increased emphasis on long-haul, according to CEO, René Décurey.

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Clusters can make the difference

Posted 12 June 2019

Building up an aerospace manufacturing sector in Africa would be a significant creator of employment in the continent, says Airbus’ aviation White Paper. Alan Dron reports.

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Tunisia completes Black Hawk purchase from US

Posted 11 June 2019

The US Army’s Security Assistance Command (USASAC) has completed the delivery of a $338 million foreign military sales (FMS) package of eight Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters and associated training and support to Tunisia, writes Jon

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Camair-Co goes from strength to strength

Posted 10 June 2019

Cameroonian national airline, Camair-Co, posted a good performance in 2018 with a 62% increase in turnover, passenger traffic reaching 343,000, and a reduction in its operating loss, report Romuald Touembou Ngueyap and Vincent Chappard.

in Maintenance / Features

Connected world keeps repair times in check

Posted 7 June 2019

Airbus has a vested interest in helping maintenance and repair organisations (MROs) and airlines manage their aircraft. Guillaume Mille explained the European airframer’s approach and goals to Chuck Grieve.

in Features / Airports

Libreville to realise Gabonese dream

Posted 5 June 2019

Gabon’s planned new airport at Libreville will help to realise the dream of turning the city into a key airport hub in central and west Africa, through enhancing connectivity, providing jobs and increasing the country’s status in the region, writes

in Defence / Features

Dogged determination to counter terrorism

Posted 4 June 2019

African air force commanders met with US Air Force and State Department leaders at the eighth annual Air Forces Africa (AFAFRICA) symposium in Morocco. Jon Lake reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Mauritania looks to strike a Paris match

Posted 3 June 2019

Mauritania Airlines is rapidly expanding its route network, but one of the major prizes still remains tantalisingly out of reach. Alan Dron reports.

in Maintenance / Features

Russian MRO boost for Egyptian Air Force

Posted 31 May 2019

The Rostec State Corporation company, Russian Helicopters, is to open a maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) centre for the Egyptian Air Force’s Mi-8T and Mi-17-1V helicopters.

in Features / Airports

Zambia's Copperbelt plan is belting along

Posted 30 May 2019

The $397 million Copperbelt International Airport, being developed by the Zambia Airports Corporation Limited (ZACL), is now 35% complete. Humphrey Nkonde looks at the project.

in Defence / Features

Egypt gets extra bite with the ‘Nile Crocodile’

Posted 29 May 2019

The Kamov Ka-52 ‘Nile Crocodile’ helicopter has officially entered service with the Egyptian Air Force. Jon Lake reports.

in Air Transport / Features

A morale victory...

Posted 28 May 2019

Most African airline CEOs are tasked with reaching profitability. LAM Mozambique director general, João Carlos Pó Jorge, is no different. However, he also had to completely rebuild staff morale from absolute rock bottom – not once, but twice, as Victoria

in Space / Features

How space can help Africa reap its rewards

Posted 24 May 2019

Making greater use of space – or at least Earth orbiting satellites – could greatly help African farmers and the wider population, the Airbus Aerospace In Africa forum heard. Alan Dron was there.

in Maintenance / Features

Additive manufacturing coul be addictive

Posted 23 May 2019

The potential applications in MRO are among the many attractive features of additive manufacturing (AM).

in Features / Airports

Kotoka terminal lightens the load

Posted 22 May 2019

The new Terminal 3 at Kotoka International Airport (KIA), opened in September 2018, has considerably lowered pressure on the two other terminals, writes Vincent Chappard.

in General Aviation / Features

Zambia on course for air ambulance service

Posted 21 May 2019

The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) and Zambian Ministry of Health have agreed to partner in establishing a national air ambulance service using a dedicated emergency response aircraft, writes Jon Lake.

in Business Aviation / Features

Have an ice day...

Posted 20 May 2019

An African company has targeted Antarctica as a tourist destination. Dave Calderwood reports.

in Defence / Features

MiG game in Africa

Posted 17 May 2019

The Russian Aircraft Corporation (RAC) MiG company is hoping that new variants will repeat the success of the original MiG-29 in Africa. Jon Lake reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Air Burkina eyes regional expansion

Posted 16 May 2019

Ouagadougou-based Air Burkina has just completed a fleet upgrade and is preparing to strengthen its network as the government begins to study options for re-privatising the airline. Victoria Moores reports.

in Maintenance / Features

It's time for spare parts to play more of a leading role

Posted 15 May 2019

The aircraft parts market is at a crossroads as demand challenges suppliers to come up with solutions that satisfy the requirements of both airworthiness and economics. Chuck Grieve reports.

in Features / Airports

The springboard for progress

Posted 14 May 2019

Launched 12 years ago and based in Dakar, Senegal, the Union of West and Central African Airport Managers (UGAACO) brings together 17 airports in 16 countries in central and west Africa. The executive secretary of the union, Simon Kabore, talks about current

in General Aviation / Features

Hunting hunters

Posted 10 May 2019

From military helicopters through ‘aerial bats’ to unmanned air vehicles, Africa’s aerial anti-poaching operations are being stepped up. David Oliver reports.

in Business Aviation / Features

On the right road...

Posted 9 May 2019

The business aviation market in Nigeria is diverse and growing all the time – but it still faces a few problems. Chukwu Emeke takes a look at the big picture.

in Defence / Features

Ghana’s air force in a class of its own

Posted 8 May 2019

The Ghana Armed Forces have a small but capable air force. The key to its success is training, as Patrick Dirksen and Frank Mink found out during a recent visit.

in Air Transport / Features

Third time lucky?

Posted 7 May 2019

Senegal is once again spreading its wings with an ambitious new flag-carrier. Martin Rivers talked to the architects of the airline's business plan, Philippe Bohn and Jerome Maillet.

in Features

Mission possible: taking aid to a new level...

Posted 25 March 2019

There’s a new era in air support opening up to the humanitarian community in Africa. David Oliver reports.

in Aircraft Interiors / Features

Honeywell's X Factor on the right wavelength

Posted 22 March 2019

Honeywell is offering a new speedy JetWave installation service in South Africa. Steve Nichols reports.

in Air Transport / Features

Africa joins the Nexus jet set

Posted 21 March 2019

Saudi Arabian-based Nexus is rapidly gaining a reputation throughout Africa for service excellence. Now, as Alan Dron reports, it is being courted by a number of different countries on the continent.

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Now Ethiopia is set to cut it as a part player

Posted 19 March 2019

Morocco, Tunisia and South Africa already have successful aerospace manufacturing industries. Now Ethiopia is about to establish its own aerospace cluster in east Africa. Kaleyesus Bekele reports.

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Uganda flies the flag again

Posted 18 March 2019

Uganda is rejoining the club of countries with national airlines as it seeks to recapture some of the revenue currently being taken by foreign carriers. Alan Dron reports.

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Mauritania goes for second Basler

Posted 15 March 2019

It looks like Mauritania is about to receive a second Basler turbo-Dak intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft, writes Jon Lake.

in Air Transport / Features

How to unleash the power of Africa through aerospace

Posted 14 March 2019

Africa has still not realised the full benefits of aviation, according to a panel of industry experts. Alan Dron finds out more at the launch of a new report setting out the sector’s potential to drive the continent’s economic and social

in General Aviation / Features

Seychelles embraces drones for fishery protection

Posted 13 March 2019

The Seychelles Fishing Authority has unleashed an unprecedented combination of short-range drones, autonomous long-range unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), Earth observation data and fisheries intelligence analysis in its fight

in Air Transport / Features

Ocean partnership on crest of the waves

Posted 12 March 2019

French airline, Air Austral, and local carrier, Air Madagascar, are continuing with their transformation plans – formalised in November 2017 – that are designed to develop their strategic partnership.

in General Aviation / Features

Angola restructures state oil company air division

Posted 11 March 2019

Angola’s state oil company, Sonangol (Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola – the National Fuel Society of Angola), has signed an agreement with a consortium formed by Canada’s CHC and Morocco’s Heliconia to

in Defence / Features

Rwanda closes in on medevac Caravan

Posted 6 March 2019

A US Air Force (USAF) notification, issued on September 20, revealed that Rwanda is to receive two new aircraft to be used for medical evacuation and light transport missions during international peacekeeping operations throughout Africa.

in Air Transport / Features

Give Peace a chance

Posted 4 March 2019

Against an unfriendly operating environment, characterised by multiple airport charges, tough competition and aggravating aero-politics, four-year-old Air Peace remains Nigeria’s fastest growing airline. Chukwu Emeke found out more from Air Peace chairman, Allen

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Other News

Ethiopia raises its hand for liberalisation

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority is tasked with ensuring the development of a safe, reliable and modern air transport sector – but now new moves are also afoot in the country, as Kaleyesus Bekele found out when he spoke to ECAA

How single can west African skies be?

West Africa seems to be facing particular problems as it tries to come to grips with implementation of the single African air transport market (SAATM). Chukwu Emeke reports.

Making the Business of Freedom Sustainable

By Alexandre de Juniac. It’s no secret that aviation has come in for a good deal of scrutiny and criticism over its environmental impacts. The flight shaming phenomenon and proposals for a Green New Deal that would reduce and even

Adcom UAVs in service in Algeria

Footage shown on Algerian national TV and posted by the Algerian Ministry of Defence on its official Facebook page has revealed that two Emirati-developed unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) are now in service with the Algerian Air Force. Jon

Zipping to the rescue

Thousands of lives are being saved in west Africa thanks to Zipline, the world’s first commercial drone delivery service.

Just the ticket for tourism - or is it?

A new agreement among African states seeks to link the growth of air transport and tourism – but more has to be done to improve the continent’s aviation infrastructure. Alan Dron reports.

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