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CemAir's AOC's is renewed

Posted 22 October 2019 · Add Comment

CemAir has received its renewed Aircraft Operating Certificates from the SA Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) meaning that CemAir can again operate commercial flights on its South African registered aircraft.


On 29 April 2019 the Civil Aviation Appeal Committee found that CemAir was illegally grounded by the SACAA on 11 January 2019. Despite the uncontested judgement, CemAir was unable to resume operations due to the natural annual expiry of the aircraft operating certificates on 28 January 2019. The processing of the renewal by the SACAA was finalised yesterday.

The airline said in a statement:  “In the coming week, CemAir will announce the first flights to be resumed on its domestic schedule. We expect to provide our leisure destinations of Margate and Plettenberg Bay with flights for the upcoming holiday season with the possible addition of other destinations.

“We respect the authority and decisions of the Civil Aviation Appeal Committee, an independent panel constituted by the Department of Transport to adjudicate the actions of the SACAA. Their 82-page judgement comprehensively deals with all allegations made by and all suspension notices issued by the SACAA. We note the contents of the SACAA’s press releases and highlight with concern the inconsistencies between these statements and the 29 April 2019 judgement.”

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