PODCAST 19: AfriJet and Accenture on why new business models work

Posted on 6 August 2020

This week's news-magazine podcast talks about the new world of aerospace defence and aviation as the industry evolves into its new position.

CEO of AfriJet, the hybrid carrier from Gabon, Marc Gaffajoli talks to Anuradha Deenapanray about how the commercial airline/business charter operator survived the pandemic and is now ready to collaborate with others to feed traffic from central and west Africa. Gaffajoli also explains why the airline’s recent IOSA certification will help springboard to the next level and enter new markets.   Another area where business models comes under scrutiny is the aerospace supply chain. John Schmidt, the aerospace and defense lead at global firm Accenture, talks to Alan Peaford about the impact of Covid on the supply chain and how increased digitalisation will enable businesses to meet the new

PODCAST 18: Steps to recovery - and the sum of the parts

Posted on 31 July 2020

This week's podcast looks at two main issues that are part of the recovery plans for aviation in Africa and the Middle East.

Of course, passenger confidence is one. The need for everyone in the aviation industry to be a PR person for the airline business is clear. We need to inform friends, family and others about the safety measures in place to prevent Covid 19 spread – and understanding air systems to keep cabins safe is one of those.   We talk to Laurent Hartenstein from Liebherr Aerospace about the air management and environmental systems.   We also recognise that there is a need for rightsizing fleets – and replacing old and inefficient aircraft with new greener types. All of that means more scrapping.   One company with an eye on the tear down business – and the value of spare parts – is global

PODCAST 17: Hope realised as UAE reaches for the stars

Posted on 24 July 2020

The successful launch of the UAE's Hope Mars orbiter from Japan marked an historic moment, not just for the emirates, but for the whole of the region.

In this week’s podcast we hear first hand from the Director-General of the UAE’s Space Agency,  H.E.Dr Mohammed Al Ahbabi, and get the inside track from space editor Steve Nichols about the nerve-wracking moments when things looked like they might not go as planned. This week should have been Farnborough Air Show, instead the organisers held a virtual conference with the region well represented. Alan Peaford interviewed low cost carrier Wizz Air’s CEO Jozsef Varadi, for the event and also took time out to talk to the Hungarian boss about his aspirations for Abu Dhabi. And while Covid-19 has been the ongoing talking point for months, the issue of sustainability

PODCAST 16: Region's airports set to shake off the gloom

Posted on 16 July 2020

Ali Tounsi the head of Airports Council International across Africa joins this week's action-packed programme from the team at African Aerospace and Arabian Aerospace.

Ali talks to Anuradha Deenapanray about the challenges facing Africa’s airports as many begin flying internationally again this week. Airports are also utilising more in the way of biometric technologies for the restart and technology editor Steve Nichols hears from Miguel Leitmann, CEO of Vision Box, the specialist in seamless biometrics travel, automated border management, and electronic identity management.   The company recently published key findings from an industry survey of the world’s top airports, airlines, and government agencies finding that 63% of organisations in the aviation, airline sector and government agencies seek to


Posted on 14 July 2020

How remote and digital towers herald the way ahead for air traffic management.

This week’s ispecial INSIGHT report looks at a growing digital future for the world of air traffic management. During the recent pandemic there were stories of airport control towers having to close, due to a single infection. But Austrian company Frequentis says that using remote towers with full digital support gives flexibility and resilience to the air navigation service networks.   In the Middle East, Frequentis has been demonstrating how the digital remote tower can help with smaller airports with only occasional air traffic and conversely how they can help when there are exceptional demands during peak events such as pilgrimages or major sporting events such as a World Cup.   Josef Kutschi, managing director Middle East, and Peter Gridling,

PODCAST 15: Why Mars mission brings new Hope to the Arab world

Posted on 10 July 2020

This week's Times Aerospace podcast for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey looks ahead to next week's launch of the UAE's mission to Mars.

Our space and technology editor Steve Nichols hears from the UAE’s Minister of State for Advanced Science, Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, who is also Chair of the UAE Council of Scientists and deputy project manager of the Emirates’ Mars Mission. She will be explaining how important Tuesday’s launch will be for the entire region. Chuck Grieve talks to Lufthansa Technik’s head of sales for Africa and the Middle East, Tim Butzmann, about how the MRO and engineering services giant is shaping up, as the world starts to fly again.   The future is also green as we hear from ground service equipment manufacturer ITW-GSE about the threats to the environment from ramp operations.


Posted on 6 July 2020

As the global lockdown has shown how much pollution surrounds us - by its absence. All aspects of aviation are under the microscope, but this special edition of our Insight series takes a look at ground handling.

We all know that need to protect our planet but the post COVID-19 financial situation will be a challenge. But our guest on the programme David Feuga from ITW-GSE says it is not wishful thinking when claims that reducing emissions by 90% and lowering your operating costs at the same time is indeed possible. ITW GSE is a leading supplier of ground power units, pre-conditioned air units, cables and hoses supplying green, emission free and super energy efficient products with a common user interface that provides easy operation across the lineup. The company has delivered more than 90,000 units to customers in over 100

PODCAST 14: Preparing for take-off - clean, classy and healthy

Posted on 2 July 2020

This week we see a move in the right direction for the industry across the region - where, although some areas are still in quarantine - others are beginning operations.

Business jet sales are picking up according to Jetcraft’s Pascal Bachmann. The Dubai-based head of sales for Middle East, Africa and Europe talks about how the private aviation market could see a boom as premium passengers seek exclusive space – and go the places the airlines no longer go. Etihad Airways Engineering has been working on making cabins safe and comfortable. We talk to David Doherty about the progress being made. And when it comes to air quality, the CEO of Swedish firm CTT, Torbjorn Johansson, believes that style over substance could be affecting the health and comfort of premium passengers as they fly in cabin where the relative humidity is lower

Special INSIGHT Report: When airline cabins are drier than Death Valley

Posted on 30 June 2020

This week's special in-depth focus looks at aircraft cabin comfort and the air we breathe. We talk to Torbjorn Johansson and Peter Landquist, CEO and VP-Marketing for Sweden's CTT.

The company developed systems to rehydrate cabins to improve cabin comfort while at the same time, remove moisture from the aircraft fuselage that could turn to ice or add unnecessary weight to the aircraft.   Premium classes suffer the most, with less dense seating there is less humidity – these cabins often have humidity of less than 10% - and that is lower than Death Valley or the Sahara Desert.   This causes discomfort, problems for the body’s defence system and the potential for infection.   Johansson and Landquist explains how this works and why  it is essential that airlines make use of the technology to make it

PODCAST 13: Optimism for post-Covid opportunities from African airline chiefs

Posted on 25 June 2020

This week we meet two African airline CEOs who share a belief that now is a time of opportunity for airlines on the continent.

Marie-Joseph Malé, the president and CEO of Air Austral, the flag carrier for the French Indian Ocean territories of La Reunion, and Mayotte.   Malé puts the Covid-19 pandemic against a number of other challenges the airline faced before lockdown, the strategy during it – and its plans for a bright new future amid greater cooperation among the Vanilla Island communities.   ·         He explains how the airline fared during the crisis ·         He updates the fleet strategy and the Airbus A220 ·         He

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in Defence / Features

Tons of problems for the SAAF

Posted 5 August 2020

The South African Air Force has (quietly) celebrated its centenary against backdrop of worries that it is in “dire straits”.

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PODCAST 19: AfriJet and Accenture on why new business models work

This week's news-magazine podcast talks about the new world of aerospace defence and aviation as the industry evolves into its new position.

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PODCAST 19: AfriJet and Accenture on why new business models work


PODCAST 18: Steps to recovery - and the sum of the parts

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Morocco to restart domestic flights this week

Domestic flights in Morocco are set to resume on 25 June, in line with the partial easing of lockdown restrictions in parts of the country.

IATA: Travellers are taking precautions

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released public opinion research showing a willingness to travel being tempered by concerns over the risks of catching COVID-19 during air travel.

Musician's concert visit costs Nigerian charter firm dear

Nigerian private aviation operator Executive Jets Services has had its operations suspended by the country’s regulator following an “illegal” charter taking a high-profile passenger from Lagos to Abuja despite a ban on non-approved

GlobalData: Bombardier distances itself from commercial aviation with valid reasons

Following the news that Bombardier is planning to cut 600 jobs at its Belfast facility manufacturing A220 wings. Nicolas Jouan, Aerospace and Defence Analyst at GlobalData offers his view on Bombardier’s decision.

Introducing the Beechcraft King Air 360

Textron Aviation has ushered in the next generation of its King Air turboprop family, popular in Africa, with the Beechcraft King Air 360/360ER.

EgyptAir to resume non-stop flights

EgyptAir will resume its non-stop flights to more than 29 international destinations starting July 1, 2020.

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